Yup!!  Another Bozo, On the Bus!!

   If you've been browsing our site and find yourself here... You've made it in...

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to you and many happy returns. Now that you've made it this far... I feel we can talk.

     We got lots more good stuff, planned and comin for us all, and were going to need

your help and input from time to time to pull it off and make it matter.

    We aim to promote and market Peace & Enlightenment... and the benefits for all, using every trick in the book... Future Games... Modern Marketing... Music...  Sublimital messages...

Rock Futures... Hypnotism... Drugs...(for us)   things we ain't even thought of yet... as well as the obvious one on one... contact and practice of these principals with the people we meet in are daily lives.

   We do this tongue in cheek and try not to take our selves to seriously... but we are!

Hope you didn't mind us playin with you a little and thanks for bein with us, and puttin up with it.

    Please...fill this shit out!.. so we may notify you of new, major the music,

and other inside stuff... which may not be available to the public or at this site. 

It also will be considered your bid, on the future in our '$1,000,000,000 Future Auction...'

Include your address if you want us to mail you your ticket as a little momento of your having passed through here...  and reserved a place "on the bus" . 

[your address will be kept private... ]     Thanks!  


PS... Spread the word & send your friends to this site... but please link to the

$1,000,000,000 future auction page... not to this page.Let them take the trip and find it for themselves. 

If you made it this far, we'd  love to hear your comments, and/or suggestions.

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  Our $1,000,000,000 Future Auction...

is an attempt to draw attention to the obvious and give voice to another option for the future.

     The internet makes it easy to reach people round the world and for them to join in (bid) on a simple idea, like peace and enlightenment, the end of war, hunger and disease, as if they could have it... and we beleive they can.

We'd like to keep a running total of all $$ bids, cause people are impressed with that and thats a measure people are used to...'Green Energy' I guess. Given a high enough total of $$ bids... and we could maybe buy some changes and have some political clout... but that wouldn't be much of a fact, it sounds like more of the same!

     Given the commitment of the 'life, fortune and sacred honnor' of enough people, around the world... now thats a revolution...!  and it could be done quicker, and more openly than ever before... Yup!!... Way!

     Thanks for takin that step, and being with us now. Your on the bus and we'll let someone else worry about your net worth... we know it shouldn't be measured in $$$$!


    Our "Living Church" is just that,  the lives we live and the bodies we live them in!


    We want to list your participation, along with your comments, and Country.

Please share some of your thoughts, ideas, encouragement or suggestions below.