Just Imagine
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What's it to you?...
If you had a choice…
On the bus… Off the bus… on the bus… off the bus… omnibus… off of us

   Imagine with us, for a moment, that some how… some way... our wishes, and dreams… could come true...   be made real.
   Imagine that we had the power… the will, and the wisdom… to transform this world, and us, into a more perfect… a more enlightened reality.
    Imagine a reality that could enlighten us… not punish us. A reality that would allow us to see the truth and evolve, without self serving ego and power trips getting in the way... and reward us as we begin to see who and what we really are... and how we are connected… and what we and our future can be, and how we can begin to help ourselves and others to make it so.
    Imagine that now and...   

  • The end of war & ignorance
  • The end hunger & greed
  • The end of disease & hate
  • True Peace and Enlightenment

     Imagine now that this is the legacy we can leave the world for the future, our loved ones, and our own peace of mind… but there's a price to pay… 
     It's probably to late for you and I to know and live, in this kind of world, without having been born into it... but it's up to us now, to pay the price, to do what must be done..... to believe and will it so... even if we're not there...yet, so this new world might be born... within us and around us.
     Now… what's that worth ...?
     if there was a fee... 
     to heal this world and let us all see...
     Would you help to pay it...?
     Would you just let it be... ?
     What is the price, You'd pay to be free!!  

                       make a choice from the list below...     

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One get out of jail free card and Boardwalk !

WB01025_.GIF (394 bytes)

A choice political appointment and some favors from the party.

WB01025_.GIF (394 bytes)

A 10% tithing and some community service work.

WB01025_.GIF (394 bytes)

My life, my fortune and my scared honor… 

WB01025_.GIF (394 bytes)

Yup!! been there done that... and can"t stand no mo' ! 
I've paid for my ticket...  and I'm ready to go!